Photos & Notes from the Oct 4, 2017 Commodore Inn Event

This past October 4th, The Sound Dunes Swing Ensemble (SDSE) performed a special concert in the interior courtyard of the Commodore Inn in Harwich. The courtyard is located next to the pool and with the October wind coming in off Nantucket Sound across the open pool surface, it started to get VERY CHILLY as the sun began to set!! A lovely setting was prepared by the owners of the Inn to entertain a busload of tourists from as far away as the Carolinas and Georgia.

The visiting group was treated to an indoor buffet and had free reign of a covered enclosed patio to dance to music provided by the (somewhat frosty) Sound Dunes ensemble. Several of those “less young” tourists in attendance remarked that a number of the more mellow swing period tunes brought back lovely fond memories from years past. All-in-all, everyone had a very enjoyable evening.

Here are a few photos that we took during the SDSE performance from the October 4th event….


2 thoughts on “Photos & Notes from the Oct 4, 2017 Commodore Inn Event

    • We were ALL higher than kites!

      Just kidding, we had arial coverage by the local news stations.

      Just kidding, it was a “file” photo.

      No Kidding!



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