Monthly Jazz Jam at The Riverway Lobster House

Bart Weisman hosts a monthly JazzJam on the third Sunday of every month at The Riverway Lobster House in Yarmouth. It starts at 4 PM and runs until 7. There is no cover charge. I was finally able to check it out (with Bob Aumueller and his wife, Jeanette, and my wife, Lynda) yesterday and had a fantastic time. Bart had a top notch rhythm section (Bart, Ron Ormsby, and Fred Boyle) who were augmented by many local instrumentalists and vocalists on a continuous rotating basis. Several of our Sound Dunes family were there including Mark Borgmann, John Shaw, and Doug Ricciardi.  You can go and perform with the gang or you can just go and listen to some excellent live jazz. Jim S  

2 thoughts on “Monthly Jazz Jam at The Riverway Lobster House

    • Guy, JazzJams are only on Sundays and I’m not sure whether they are held year round or not. That being the case we could certainly try to assess interest in this idea and see if it would fly with TSRA. Thanks for the suggestion. Jim S.


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