February 28 – HCC 20th Birthday Bash Dance

Harwich Community Center


20th Birthday Bash Dance

Friday, February 28, 6:30pm – 8:30pm

Harwich Community Center
100 Oak Street
Harwich, MA

Featuring Music Selections Performed by

The Sound Dunes Swing Ensemble

Music selections to include Swing, Ballroom, Latin, and Rock n’ Roll dance music, as well as a tune or two for line dancers

A FREE Event Open to the General Public with RESERVATIONS

Complimentary Refreshments Provided

RESERVATIONS REQUIRED by Feb 25 – CALL  508-430-7568           

IMPORTANT NOTICE:  If you wait too long to make your reservations you may be left out….as of Feb 19th less than 20 reservations were still available for event attendance

Click Here for HCC 20th Birthday Bash Dance Flyer


A third 2019 holiday event for members of the Sound Dunes (SDSE) was a performance at the Harwich Council on Aging’s Holiday Concert & Dance at the Harwich Community Center.

In addition to a few photos of the event (below) and as a special treat for our Facebook and Website followers, we have additionally attached a video of SDSE playing the Holiday selection “Christmas Time Is Here” with one of our more recent vocalists, Erica Tso Haidas. (Click on the following link for video)…..

Although this Holiday Concert was a FREE Public event, reservations were required due to venue capacity limitations. Unfortunately, to the dismay of many SDSE fans who wanted to attend, reservations had to be “cut off” about a week ahead of the event because of an avid public response. As a result of this, we would encourage those who wish to attend the next SDSE FREE Public event, The HCC 20th Birthday Bash Dance, not to hesitate to make their reservations if they wish to attend, before the demand for reservations reaches the “cut off” level. We hope to be able to see all of you at this upcoming February 28th evening event.