No, the news is NOT that the entire Sound Dunes Swing Ensemble is able to get together to perform….COVID restrictions are still in place and preventing that from happening. However if you are available tomorrow (Tuesday, April 13) at 1pm in the afternoon, you will be able to view a LIVE ZOOM broadcast of a Sound Dunes Swing Combo performance. The broadcast has been set up with the Yarmouth Senior Center for their membership and they have generously offered to share the broadcast with all of our SDSE and SDSC fans.

To view the LIVE broadcast tomorrow afternoon, simply click on the following link (or enter it into your browser of choice) shortly before 1pm…..

Follow any instructions once to reach the ZOOM site. If the login asks for some additional information you can use the following details…

Meeting ID: 836 8245 3166

Passcode: 999999

For best sound quality we recommend using headphones, earbuds, or earphones, if possible.

Hope you are available to enjoy the broadcast…LIVE!

A Small Treat to Start the Spring Off

As we have indicated before, because of COVID-19 pandemic restrictions, the Sound Dunes Swing Ensemble has largely been on hiatus in order to maintain compliance with State and National guidelines. There have been a few opportunities for smaller groups to perform here and there, as with the virtual performance by a subset of our band members that we presented in December for the CapeAbilities organization and which was recorded and posted on our website at that time.

We received a similar request, earlier this month, to perform another virtual concert for the Nauset Newcomers organization. Nauset Newcomers was founded in 1977 with the purpose of offering residents local to the Harwich/Chatham area great opportunities to meet people, share in activities and have fun. In addition to “newcomers”, membership includes old-timers, recent retirees, recently widowed, couples and singles, who participate in a myriad of clubs, events, activities and meetings! If the Nauset Club is conveniently located near you, you might consider joining their organization.

Still being faced with Covid-19 restrictions and to try to address the Newcomers’ request, we revved up our (smaller) Sound Dunes Swing Combo, and on the morning of March 10, our Swing Combo performed a semi-private “Live” Zoom Video Concert for the Newcomers. The Newcomers were kind enough to record the the “Zoom” concert feed, and a “raw” version of it was soon-after posted to the SDSE Facebook page.

More recently, Paul Cass of the Newcomers group edited the recorded feed and we are now posting that edited version below and on our SDSE website . We hope you enjoy this latest edited performance by the Sound Dunes Swing Combo! (We apologize for any synching artifacts that may have resulted from the editing.)

Nauset Newcomers,Sound Dunes from Paul Cass on Vimeo.


As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to disrupt our lives, it also has continued to relegate the Sound Dunes Swing Ensemble (SDSE) to hiatus status in order to maintain compliance with State and National guidelines. However, the Sound Dunes Combo, and the Sound Dunes Brass Ensemble, each composed of a subset of SDSE members, has had a number of opportunities presented to them because of their smaller head count, and have tried to take advantage of those opportunities.


A point in fact, the CapeAbilities organization approached the Brass Ensemble with a proposal to broadcast a Holiday concert to their employees. After a series of test runs, that concert took place and was broadcast within the CapeAbiliites organization this past Wednesday morning.


Because that was a private event and not accessible for most of our fanbase, SDSE has enticed their Brass Ensemble membership to prepare a Holiday Concert video for ALL of their fans to view and enjoy for this Holiday season. Special recognition goes to Steve Smith (trumpet) who worked diligently behind the scenes to orchestrate the technical aspects of the recording to bring this video to ALL of our fans.


As a result, SDSE and Just Steve Styrofoam Cup Productions is proud to present to you “Sound Track of the Holidays” featuring the Sound Dunes Brass Ensemble….



It looks like someone’s e-mail got hacked that had the Sound Dunes Website email address in it and a spam message got posted and sent out titled “Quick Help”. We are working to find the source of the spam message and apologize for any confusion it may have caused.

The Sound Dunes Swing Ensemble


Today, November 11, is Veterans Day and, in commemoration of the sacrifice of the many veterans in this country who have risked their lives to defend our freedoms, The SOUND DUNES COMBO has been invited to perform at a private event at the Maplewood Senior Residence in West Yarmouth. Because this is a private event, our “co-musician”, Steve Smith, has prerecorded our socially distanced final rehearsal of the concert at Dennis Village Green and we have posted it here for your listening pleasure. We hope that you will find it enjoyable….

If You Missed Today’s SDSE Virtual Concert

Although there was a 90 minute technical delay at the start of today’s broadcast of the one-hour concert by the SDSE Combo, we hope that you were able to catch the broadcast and enjoy it.  As mentioned earlier, the program was sponsored by the 2020 TD Bank “virtual” Summer Concert Series program and presented by invitation of the Arts Foundation of Cape Cod.


However, if you did miss it, you can still catch it by visiting either the SDSE Facebook Page OR The Arts Foundation of Cape Cod Facebook Page for the video of the broadcast — OR — you can click on the following video link……ENJOY!


(Be sure to have your audio turn “on” after clicking on the following visual link….)


Only a few days left until the online broadcast of the one-hour concert by the SDSE Combo, a subgroup of the Sound Dunes Swing Ensemble that performs in situation where the full Ensemble is unable to. In this case, because of Covid-19 social distancing and related requirements, the number of SDSE band members who could participate was restricted.


As a temptation to entice you to the full broadcast, sponsored by the 2020 TD Bank program “virtual Summer Concert Series” and by invitation of the Arts Foundation of Cape Cod to SDSE as a program participant, we have attached a brief video of the Combo group rehearsing “The Girl From Ipanema”. We hope that you will enjoy it.


As a reminder, the program will be broadcast online at 11AM on Sunday, August 30. Please join us at that time on either the SDSE Facebook Page OR The Arts Foundation of Cape Cod Facebook Page for the broadcast of this very special event.


The Sound Dunes Swing Ensemble has been invited by the Arts Foundation of Cape Cod to perform as part of the 2020 “virtual” TD Bank Summer Concert Series, on Sunday, August 30th at 11:00 AM. See excerpts from an article in this Sunday’s Cape Cod Times below that describes this year’s overall program.

As you know, the Sound Dunes is normally an 18 piece “big band”, including male and female vocalists that features music from the 30’s and 40’s up to today. However, with the current restrictions on social distancing and maximum group sizes imposed by the State due to the Coronavirus, the Sound Dunes Combo, a 7 piece group made up of Sound Dunes’ musicians will be performing for our “virtual” concert. The group features Sax / Clarinet, Trombone, Trumpet, Vocalist, and Rhythm section. The Combo’s musical library and stylings are very similar to that of the full big band.

We are delighted to bring our brand of music to this annual Cape Cod tradition and hope you enjoy the program.


To watch on the date and time indicated, go to:


This year, the Harwich Community Center is celebrating its 20th Anniversary at their current 100 Oak Street location. So on February 28th, they threw a 20th Birthday Bash Dance celebrating the occasion. Members of the Sound Dunes Swing Ensemble (SDSE) were thrilled to provide the musical entertainment for this joyous event with a slate of mostly new songs that have been recently added to our repertoire.

One of the new songs recently added is L-O-V-E (1964), originally performed by Nat King Cole and later by his daughter Natalie. It has more recently been recorded by Joss Stone and by Michael Buble’ in 2007. SDSE performed the song at this event as a vocal duet by vocalists Tom Jahnke and Linda Delorey. Harwich Channel 18, the local government access station, was at the event and recorded this portion of our performance….their recording is attached here for your listening pleasure. (Click on the following link for video)…..

L-O-V-E by The Sound Dunes

As happy an occasion the Birthday Bash was, SDSE members were somewhat saddened by the fact that this would be the last regular performance of vocalist Linda Delorey with the band.  Linda will be moving back to her hometown in western New York State and we wish her all the best and send her our love as she looks forward to having more quality time to spend with her family and loved ones.  She may be returning to the Cape during the summers and we will look forward to her hopefully having some time during her returns to perform with us again.

As with a number of SDSE’s recent performances at the Harwich Community Center, this event had a “full house” in attendance and the crowd seemed to enjoy dancing to almost every number that the band played.  One of the highlights of the evening was trombonist Dan Feheley recreating the Tommy Dorsey solo from I’m Getting Sentimental Over You (1932).  No, unfortunately we don’t have a video of his performance, so you will just need to be satisfied with the attached photo from his performance!  (Photos courtesy of Marge Frith)

SDSE has another concert coming up at the Harwich Community Center on April 24 as the HCoA presents its “Swing into Spring Dance”.  Like most of their events, this will likely be another FREE Public event.  Once again, it is likely that reservations will be required due to venue capacity limitations. We would encourage those who wish to attend the next SDSE FREE Public event not to hesitate to make their reservations as soon as possible as April approaches, before the demand for reservations reaches the “cut off” level as it has during several past SDSE events.

February 28 – HCC 20th Birthday Bash Dance

Harwich Community Center


20th Birthday Bash Dance

Friday, February 28, 6:30pm – 8:30pm

Harwich Community Center
100 Oak Street
Harwich, MA

Featuring Music Selections Performed by

The Sound Dunes Swing Ensemble

Music selections to include Swing, Ballroom, Latin, and Rock n’ Roll dance music, as well as a tune or two for line dancers

A FREE Event Open to the General Public with RESERVATIONS

Complimentary Refreshments Provided

RESERVATIONS REQUIRED by Feb 25 – CALL  508-430-7568           

IMPORTANT NOTICE:  If you wait too long to make your reservations you may be left out….as of Feb 19th less than 20 reservations were still available for event attendance

Click Here for HCC 20th Birthday Bash Dance Flyer