A Small Treat to Start the Spring Off

As we have indicated before, because of COVID-19 pandemic restrictions, the Sound Dunes Swing Ensemble has largely been on hiatus in order to maintain compliance with State and National guidelines. There have been a few opportunities for smaller groups to perform here and there, as with the virtual performance by a subset of our band members that we presented in December for the CapeAbilities organization and which was recorded and posted on our website at that time.

We received a similar request, earlier this month, to perform another virtual concert for the Nauset Newcomers organization. Nauset Newcomers was founded in 1977 with the purpose of offering residents local to the Harwich/Chatham area great opportunities to meet people, share in activities and have fun. In addition to “newcomers”, membership includes old-timers, recent retirees, recently widowed, couples and singles, who participate in a myriad of clubs, events, activities and meetings! If the Nauset Club is conveniently located near you, you might consider joining their organization.

Still being faced with Covid-19 restrictions and to try to address the Newcomers’ request, we revved up our (smaller) Sound Dunes Swing Combo, and on the morning of March 10, our Swing Combo performed a semi-private “Live” Zoom Video Concert for the Newcomers. The Newcomers were kind enough to record the the “Zoom” concert feed, and a “raw” version of it was soon-after posted to the SDSE Facebook page.

More recently, Paul Cass of the Newcomers group edited the recorded feed and we are now posting that edited version below and on our SDSE website . We hope you enjoy this latest edited performance by the Sound Dunes Swing Combo! (We apologize for any synching artifacts that may have resulted from the editing.)

Nauset Newcomers,Sound Dunes from Paul Cass on Vimeo.