Only a few days left until the online broadcast of the one-hour concert by the SDSE Combo, a subgroup of the Sound Dunes Swing Ensemble that performs in situation where the full Ensemble is unable to. In this case, because of Covid-19 social distancing and related requirements, the number of SDSE band members who could participate was restricted.


As a temptation to entice you to the full broadcast, sponsored by the 2020 TD Bank program “virtual Summer Concert Series” and by invitation of the Arts Foundation of Cape Cod to SDSE as a program participant, we have attached a brief video of the Combo group rehearsing “The Girl From Ipanema”. We hope that you will enjoy it.


As a reminder, the program will be broadcast online at 11AM on Sunday, August 30. Please join us at that time on either the SDSE Facebook Page OR The Arts Foundation of Cape Cod Facebook Page for the broadcast of this very special event.

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