Video & Notes from the February 15, 2019 HCoA Mid-Winter Blast Dance

On Friday, February 15th, The Sound Dunes Swing Ensemble (SDSE) performed at the Mid-Winter Blast Dance sponsored by Harwich Council on Aging (HCoA). The dance was held in the auditorium/assemblyroom of the Harwich Community Center. Those who attended the FREE public event were treated to an assortment of Swing, Latin, Ballroom, and Jazz dance music, along with an occasional more recent selection.

An additional treat for the many dancers and toe-tappers who were in attendence was the public debut of our new female singer, Carole Madru, who also plays rhythm guitar for us. Carole joined our two longtime songsters, Tom Jahnke and Linda Delorey, for the crowd’s enjoyment.

We are fortunate to have a video snipet, provided by Carole’s husband James, of Carole singing “La Vie en Rose” (originally made famous by Edith Piaf) during that Friday evening performance. The video was taken from behind the band’s setup on the stage of the Harwich Community Center where James is usually positioned while he plays his Bass Guitar for us. You can barely see Carole in the video on the far side of the band about midway back at the microphone. We apologize that the audio may be a little muffled because of the location of the video camera/mic….

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