Photos & Notes from the April 23 NEFFA Sound Dunes Performance

On April 23rd, The Sound Dunes Swing Ensemble performed at the New England Folk Festival Association’s (NEFFA’s) annual event in Mansfield, MA.   This annual folk festival exhibits and aims to blend dance, music, crafts, and food from many places and cultures.  This year was NEFFA’s 73rd annual Festival and was a great experience for all ensemble members who participated.

NEFFAThe Festival is run by the New England Folk Festival Association, a cultural and educational, volunteer-run, non-profit organization.  The talent of all performers is also provided on a volunteer-basis.   The event is known for its varied social dance program, which includes traditional square dancing, international folk dancing, couple dancing, swing dancing, and more.  SDSE’s performance followed an introductory workshop on swing dancing and most of the workshop participants and instructors remained with us after their workshop to dance to our musical performance.

Our band had an excellent time entertaining the crowd as you can see from the photos of the event which follow…..



Our ensemble was pleased to be joined at this event by Gabe Gouveia, who had generously donated a good portion of the group’s regular repertoire of arrangements, who played keyboard with us (photo below), and his son Jonathan on bass.


3 thoughts on “Photos & Notes from the April 23 NEFFA Sound Dunes Performance

  1. Thanks so much Gabe and Jonathan for sitting in with the Band. You helped make our first performance here a real success. The Sound Dunes were the first Big Swing Band to ever perform at NEFFA. What an honor. Also thanks to Gabe for helping us to get started with the donation of a great musical library from his “Comeback Kids” big band back in the Boston area. Jim S.


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